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Name is Jean-C.
Nicknames: Zack or JC

Like: Meeting new artists, helping people, reading, trades, making music, my guitar (ESP), Slipknot, Sonic(ofcours), being someone to talk to and working out at the gym.

Dislikes: Assholes, nerds, nerds who think they're smart, too much of intelligence or someone who think he/she is, suck ups, people who are over confident instead of having pride, people who can't admit that we all make mistakes and stupid teachers(yes they exist)

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, Hevy Metal, Rap(a little), Techno and Dance
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Life as an Animator in Canada

Mon Feb 29, 2016, 7:33 AM

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It occurred to me that I had a DA account that I havn't said anything much since Christmas. It has also occurred to me that I have a life (Jesus I ain't 20 anymore!!) 
Yes after spending 4 years in animation school in Ottawa, it was time to get a job and start paying off them loans like everyone else. It's hard to believe that it's over, the school life. The alarm rings and you think to yourself; "just 5 more mins!" And ya I would get away with it sometimes. I come late with a coffee in my hand and notice half the time my teacher was also late. Then the routine would start. Working your ass off. To tell you the truth, I'm incredibly lazy. Growing up with my Dad who was basically never home and couldn't speak english well, gave whatever I needed in terms of joy; Video games, movies even a fucken TV which my mom and I still scratching out heads about. But it was video games that got me to think " I want to make video games" Which later evolved to wanting to be an animator. But really I wanted to tell stories.

Anyways fast forward, animation school. There wasn't a week where I didnt stay up late at days at a time. Even when 3d was "easier" we would have conflicts with the 2d group mouthing off how we have it so easy which happened to be the opposite. Cause the truth of the matter is, 3d jobs are actually the hardest to get. And without reeeeal understanding of the principles or having a GREAT rig, your animation would look above average at best. Which is why out of my graduating class in the 3d group, only 2 people are working in 3d now as far as I know. But EVERYONE got a job (except for this one really weird chick) pretty much everyone got a job but working in 2d animation. Which is great cause you're working, getting real experience and not bumming at home. Every now and then i gotta slap myself and say "You're working on a Disney show as your first job" .Which is doing pretty well from what we're hearing. (Woot for us)

Fast forward working to almost a year and I noticed something. I still havn't finished school. Everyday I know there's something new for me to learn. Every scene I get I gotta snap out of repetition mode cause really that's the only way to improve. That goes the same as painting. If I take the easy way, I'm not learning anything. But this time I'm working in the industry. There's no race or competition to get a job cause you already have one. I'm not saying you will never compete cause we all fight for positions, bigger raise, sense of respect as animator but it's a bigger picture. I realize this is a career not a job. The second you treat it as a job, is the second you stop making progression. Without progression, how are you gona get better? So like school, I work my ass off. Possibly this is the hardest I have ever worked and i still do over time, the pay is not the greatest but it's enough for my needs for now. But the amount I've learned is priceless. I can see why people would pay to work at a place but that's just stupid IMO. As much as I don't have a problem about my pay, you still deserve to get paid.

On a final note,  if you are working your way as animator, concept artist or any artistic job in an industry that works on films/games or tv shows , it's never over after school. The fact is these jobs don't pay well when you start, but the amount of knowledge you get from your pers and higher ups, is something you can't find at the best school that money can buy. Because schools don't teach you to be better, they only help you to help yourself.



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